Paper Roll Backdrop issue

Started Jan 26, 2013 | Discussions thread
Duncan C Veteran Member • Posts: 7,671
Lighting it more evenly will probably also help.

photokandi wrote:

I've been using a vinyl backdrop but wanted to try another color so I purchased a paper version as this color was only available in paper.

The issue I have is it seems to be rippled & not smooth as the Vinyl is. I've tried various lighting on it but it just looks mottled. I've messed with it in photoshop to smooth it out but end up with banding issues.

I'm not interested in Photoshop fixes as I'm pretty clued up in that department, just need to know if this is expected from Paper Rolls & is there a way of sorting it in studio?

The shot below was created using a 72cm Beauty dish fired directly at the paper.


It also looks to me like you're trying to light your background with a single light. You really need at least 2 lights, from the sides, angled in at about 45 degrees. I'd probably use softboxes to get a wide spread of even light without hot spots.

Somebody else who shoots lots of portraits with seamless (e.g. Baz) could offer more concrete advice.

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