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Me, me, me

DMillier wrote:

Agreed the Ms are a big improvement over previous generatoion. Four of my complaints about the original DP1 have been addressed - larger buffer, non-motorised lens, command wheel, mf ring around the lens. Some haven't been however: still a long delay before you can review the histogram, bad battery life, gripless brick, and crucially no viewfinder (hotshoe carbuncle doesn't really count).

What that means to me is it only a tripod based camera.I'd be happy with it for that restricted usage given the other improvements but what puts me off is the price (especially considering there are 3 of them) for such limited usage . I got the DP1 for £200 but at £800 a fixed lens tripod only camera would have to pretty perfect as a camera to get my money (and there would have to be lightroom support).

Everythhing about 'me', ie some guy David M.

Who cares?

By the way: you got all the following wrong:

It's not a tripod based camera.

It's not for limited usage.

It's not expensive.

You got this right, though:

It's not for you!

Now: what about leaving this forum in peace?

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