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Re: The D800 is STILL to blame?

Shotcents wrote:

It's very clear there are issues. Neither I, nor my friends, have had any AF issues prior to the D800 and that includes bodies like the 3DX and D7000.

Does this mean YOUR D800 has the same issues? Or does it mean we shoot differently? All I know is that out of a total 9 people, 6 of whom are pros, every D800 has issues that are repeatable and require service. That is experience I can rely on because I can't test the cameras in these forums.

You and your friends!

Are these the same friends who all had perfectly working D800s 6 months ago?

The friends you used to support your arguments against those on this forum who were having D800 AF problems?

What happened - did your friends' D800s go rotten or something?

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