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Re: Slightly OT raw converter discussion

James O'Neill wrote:

I shoot raw (DNG) and use Lightroom (still at ver. 3.6). To be honest, I could quite well shoot jpeg and that would work 90% of the time. But for those 10% that I want to work with it is comforting to know that I have all the information that I recorded on my SD card. There are also things that simply cannot be achieved using a jpeg.

I wonder some of the things you go on to talk about because you don't habitually do things in LR

Very fair comment. But I wonder if I don't do things habitually in LR because they take so long, or if they take so long because I don't do them habitually? Chicken? Egg? To be honest, I'm not sure, but I have spent a great deal of time reading books about LR, playing with LR, trying out other people's presets, etc. etc. Doesn't seem to get any faster. Just more complicated.

Irfanview has boosted exposure, contrast and saturation. In LR I'd push up the Vibrance setting and that would probably acheive the same thing. I'd also use the graduated filter in LR to hold the sky back and increase the contrast - in the Irfanview version the increased contrast has pulled out some cloud detail which wasn't visible before.

There's no reason why you couldn't get this from LR. Whether it would about the same as saving and realoading or longer, or a lot longer is another question.

I suppose that last is the real question. If Irfanview takes 10 seconds to achieve the same result as 10 minutes of LR, then you start thinking about the law of diminishing returns.

I'll have a go if you send it or post a link

I'd really like that. I should be home in about an hour and I will use dropbox or somethng to make the raw available.

Just to be fair, sometimes Irfanview cocks up the auto colour adjust so spectacularly that the ensuing image is useless, but that is besides the point - most of the time there is an improvement. Remember also that it is free software.

Free or paid for, auto adjust works well most of the time in most packages. When it fails, the results can be comic.

Exactly! About 1 or 2 times out of 10 Irfanview will get it so absurdly wrong that the only benefit is a good laugh. I wonder why that is? I haven't noticed any pattern. One shot will "pop" like the one I posted, while another, quite similar, will be toned down almost back to a  muted raw look. Very perplexing and I just don't have the expertise to even suggest a possible reason.

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