Low Light ISO scores, compensating for sensor resolution

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DigitalPhilosopher wrote:

rkumar wrote:

Did you see so much improvement from D2X to D300 in sensor performance as you mentioned? What about AF - did the edge of frame cross-type sensors on D2X give any advantage compared to D300?

Not as much as you'd expect, but clearly visible over 800 ISO. One big difference (at least as I have experienced) is that the D300 reacts very badly with dark/underexposed high ISO shots. If the exposure is correct, and it's a bright scene, you don't notice even 3200 ISO noise (sort of anyway). You clearly do with the D2x. But if the exposure is under or the scene is low key, the D300 can be noisy.

I think the difference between D2x and D300 is smaller than between D300 and D7000 - although I must say I have used the D7000 for only a month (borrowed from a friend to test it).

I didn't notice any practical difference regarding the AF sensors, although it might be because I don't photograph fast moving objects in low light. I am, however, doing a lot of band photography (=very low light), and the D300 never failed me in terms of autofocus. Even using the non-cross-type sensors, the D300 can keep up remarkably well.

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Ok, band photog...very low light...how low is that ?  what iso, aperture, shutter ?  And do you have any issues at all achieving consistent accuracy in very low light with either the 300 or the d7k...at the edges...where there are no cross sensors ?   And how many such events have you tried with each cam so far ?   ...that's similiar to where I "live" with my cam...hence the Q's. thx.

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