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kelpdiver wrote:

Don_Campbell wrote:

A few weeks ago I noticed by looking at displays of drives in a store that Seagate's drives recently (more recently than the store changed the information cards near the drives) changed many of their model's warranties from 3 years to 1 year. WD Caviar Blacks are still warranted for 5 years. I prefer their self-confidence to Seagate's.

WD kill the warranty time on the greens, though is happy to sell extensions. They're really using the 5 year as a differentiator to sell the Blacks at a premium.

All continue to claim MTBF numbers in the decades.

The one green I have is in an external 1TB that has been going about 3 years and still shows no errors. I've had 2 Caviar Blacks fail. I'm realistic about their actual lifespan. On the other hand, my understanding (granted that it's from reading WD copy) is that the Caviar Black drives are unusual in having full bearings on both ends of the spindle, supposedly giving them sturdier construction and longer life.

I have always been slow to adopt the new hot off the line largest consumer drives. It will likely be quite a while before I update to 2 or 3 TB drives because of their newness.

Regardless, it's worth it to me to pay a little extra to not have to go the cost of a new drive after 13 months. So far with 3 drives returned to them they've paid for two of the shippings and replaced all of the drives within a few days without me returning the drives first. It's convenient not to have to find appropriate boxes and padding, in the case of failing but still error correcting drives it is convenient to be able to plug in its replacement and transfer data, and it's really fast. I'm not sure what Seagate does that is equivalent but if the warranty is only a year I'm unlikely to find out.


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