GH3 - the 2nd coming! How'z your EVF look?

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GH3 - the 2nd coming! How'z your EVF look?

Now that back orders are being filled I wonder if others aware of the GH3 EVF problem have had thoughts similar to mine.  What will ... MY ... GH3's EVF look like?

My first question to Adorama on Jan 23rd was did they REALLY have one?  "Just came in today." he said.  Even tho I hadn't planed buying I was suddenly griped by lust for this illusive rare gem.  So like any insane techno starved MFT addict I said,  "YEAH!  and send a spare battery and ... what the heck ... ship it overnight!"

So ... this thread is for us brand new GH3 owners to give first impressions starting with the EVF.

After diopter adjustment made on screen text sharp I see my OLED Live View Finder looks GREAT!  Sharp, crisp and clear, edge to edge with no sign of double image or smear.  Even for an old fart with awful eyes "corrected" with contact lenses.  My right, focusing eye, has a hard contact giving me clear distance and my left has a lens that allowing me read most stuff without reading glasses.  The new contacts came after cataract surgery de-clouded my vision a couple years ago.  Having clear sight return was a miracle I appreciate with every blink.

Oh, the camera .. yeah it's bigger than my GH2 ... but it's rear OLED is noticeably larger too!  The  bigger grip is also good giving me something firm to wrap my fist around ... SIZE does matter!

Next ... What the heck are those weird lines see-sawing back and forth when I move the camera?  Ah HA! I check the manual and find it's the tilt sensor display ... COOL ... but now how do I turn it off?  Back to the manual and then I dive into more confusion in the many settings menus.

I see a lot of options I remember from setting up my GH2, but it's been so long since I messed with them I've forgotten what many do and where they can be located in the screens of menus.  Yesterday was spent learning how to do a focus lock and quick review of shots taken and figuring out how to get settings to my liking.  For a old fuddy duddy like me it's gonna take awhile ... but HEY I'm retired and lovin it so far.

OIS and a lot of luck helped with this.  GH3 handheld at 300mm 1/30th @ f5.6 ISO 640 enhanced with CS6

This is #159 of the 200 I've shot so far.  Fog and heavy overcast made for lousy light.  Vast majority of the 200 went for testing and trying stuff out getting used to camera controls.

A bunch were done playing with the WiFi remote control using Lumix Link App and my Android tablet.  VERY COOL, but I've got a whole lot more to learn about that feature.

I'm also experimenting with custom JPG settings.  I shoot JPG most of the time.  Like for the GH2 I've started to modified the "Vivid" output by lowering noise reduction and sharpness and boosting a bit contrast and saturation.  I'll do trial and error with these until I get what I like to work with Photoshop.  I post process ALL my output that gets printed or goes public.

It wasn't until after placing my order that I began to worry I might get a returned and repackaged GH3 with the supposed EVF problem.  When it arrived I un-boxed it very carefully inspecting EVERYTHING.  The small lock flap of the box didn't look a bit worn but since it did not have any sign tape applied at the factory to seal it my investigation continued.  The software discs and instruction manual were first to appear under the top flap and they seemed properly wrapped except the bag with the manual was folded closed very frumpy.  Then as I slowly removed the body from it's clean white fabric like protective sack I looked for any sign of fingerprints or any other evidence that might show it was not a brand new body.  I found nothing out of order.  Without a doubt I have one fresh from the factory.

And with the help of Steve Chill (ext 2246) the salesman at New York city's Adorama I had the GH3 in my hands in rural California less than 24 hours from my phone and online order placement.  Steve was nice to walk me thru the online order as I'm too paranoid to give out credit card numbers over a cell phone.  Also since it was 5pm, near quitting time in New York, he also made sure it was sent out very quickly before he went home.  THANKS Steve!

So folks ... What's your new GH3 experience?


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