Crucial Lens/Accessories for First Trip With NEX-6 (Costa Rica)

Started Jan 25, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Crucial Lens/Accessories for First Trip With NEX-6 (Costa Rica)

Excellent idea on the ziplocks/waterproof bags. I had been thinking about humidity/rain/moisture but that idea had not come up. As far as the environment goes, humidity in general, is it a fear for damaging any of the gear?

Also, won't necessarily take all the lenses, just trying to get an idea of what would be the most versatile set to have with me. Right now I'm carrying the 3 cameras (nex with the 16-50) in my backpack and it is nothing to me, so 1-2 more lenses and some batteries/filters would be no problem at all. Definitely will never leave the gadgets unattended either.

This is definitely a pleasure only trip, no professional aspects. We will also have smartphone/tablets with us for photo backup so storage space wont be an issue. Cleaning kit is also on the to-order list, and debating whether or not I want some kind of skin/case/pouch for the NEX. I will look into any potential deals I see on a longer stabilized e-mount zoom as well, its obviously something I will need at some point down the road.

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