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Re: Paper Roll Backdrop issue

photokandi wrote:

I've been using a vinyl backdrop but wanted to try another color so I purchased a paper version as this color was only available in paper.

The issue I have is it seems to be rippled & not smooth as the Vinyl is. I've tried various lighting on it but it just looks mottled. I've messed with it in photoshop to smooth it out but end up with banding issues.

I'm not interested in Photoshop fixes as I'm pretty clued up in that department, just need to know if this is expected from Paper Rolls & is there a way of sorting it in studio?

The shot below was created using a 72cm Beauty dish fired directly at the paper.


Yes, that is typical with a light as harsh as a beauty dish, although the smoothness may improve somewhat if left to hang in position to 'settle' for a couple of days. This "tempering"allows the moisture content of the paper to equalise with that of the air in the shooting space. For this reason you should store your seamless paper where you do your shooting, if possible.

To get something smoother straight off, you wil need softer light(s) than a beauty dish.

But don't panic about it.

With your subject in front, there will be much less of the background to see. Also, when the subject's lights go on, their spill will act as "fill" for the texture you are seeing in the background.

Additional hint: To keep your paper smooth, always wind it really TIGHT on the roll before taping, and store it UPRIGHT to prevent it developing a curve.

I hope this helps.

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