Does anyone use a 50mm as their main lens on a full frame?

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Re: Does anyone use a 50mm as their main lens on a full frame?

Thank you everyone for all your replies and advice - it's certainly making me think more about how I approach the change from DX to FF.

I do actually have a landscape lens - it's an old AI-S 24mm f2.8.  I bought it when I first got my D90 and used to practise with it to learn about exposure.  I believe it might be a nice lens on a FF camera and will meter on the D600 (I'm not sure if it will autofocus though?)  The main thing I want to avoid is excess weight and bulk.  I realise that some of the best lenses are big/heavy so I'm hoping to find a few alternatives that provide most of the IQ but are lighter/shorter.  I would also hope that something like the 24-85mm VR on a D600 would be capable of taking better photos than a D90 with the 16-85?

The 16-35mm would probably be the perfect travel lens for me in terms of focal length, but I think it's quite a big lens and pretty expensive too.  Actually, it's not so much the cost that would put me off but the size.  The 28mm f1.8 is also an option, but how much better would these two lenses be over the 24-85?

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