Daaaaaaaamn! Check out the D5200 sensor!

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Re: Aptina?

Along the way we also came to the point where 2 out of 3 levels are missing in those files.

That is also very interesting, but I don't think it will affect the SNR readings. I have thought for a while that Nikon hides its digital signal processing by adding just a touch of noise to dither the values and smooth the histogram. Looks like perhaps they have decided to stop doing that(or else a programmer just forgot).

I'm not saying it does affect SNR, just that we do not have a normal signal. "Simple" Gauss is put to rest, we deal with a combination of several distributions and digital manipulation. So some of calculation methods may also be losing accuracy, as we may not have an accurate model anymore. On a side note (but my primary interest) it is interesting how this affects image quality as perceived by a viewer.

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