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audiobomber wrote:

jonska wrote:

Back to my question: Is there a way to avoid this Irfanview/Picasa step in order to enable casual posting directly from Lightroom?

I'm the wrong guy to ask, I've had LR4 for about a week. I know next to nothing about using it. I did find that Auto Tone gave some nice one-touch improvements.

I have LR v. 3.6. I'm not sure it even has an Auto Tone preset. I'll need to check when I get home. Perhaps I should just upgrade to 4.0 tonight (which I'm going to do anyway at some point) and hope this thread has been a total waste of time and that Lightroom now has the feature I am looking for.

I suppose I'm not fussy enough, but I don't usually spend more than a couple of minutes processing a file. My biggest time waster is what to keep and what to discard, especially when I have eighteen shots of the same scene or critter.

I'm not fussy either - if I were I suppose I wouldn't consider using Irfanview :-). But this is precisely the point. There were 185 shots on the SD card from which the image I posted was taken, and that was after the deletion of about 10-20 images. Ten minutes on each image adds up to over 30* hours!! Even only 2 minutes a shot is six hours!

Hence Irfanview! Or, preferably, a similar feature in LR.

*(Of course this is an exaggeration, as many of the images are similar and only one or two will get processed out of a set of similar images, and even then, copying and pasting settings saves time. The 30 hours is more for effect than to reflect reality).

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