Field camera look on photos with m43

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Re: Field camera look on photos with m43

gisligun wrote:

do you think its beter to work the raw files first on each photo and then merge them or do you merge the raw files first and then work on them?

Imo i would think its beter to work each photo first and make aproprate corrections (barrel & vinegret for example) before the merger....

My habit is  correct LaCA and LoCA  first, stamping the correction to one image on the rest of the series before sending to the stitching app.  If necessary for any one in the series, I'd correct highlight/shadows too and stamp that adjustment on the series.  One can crop and such in the app, but I just get the stitching sorted and then return the resulting combined image back to the editor where the crop and other typical developing finishes are applied.   Because I don't use the stitching app as much as other developing tools, it's just more comfortable and direct  for me to use this workflow.

Working each photo further before first is a viable alternative, probably a best practice, but I haven't found it necessary so far. I've felt the less that's done to the original images the easier time the stitching app will have.  After all, if it recognizes the hardware used it has a sense of the distortion and vignetting characteristics of the lens utilized.

Yet, now that I've incorporated DXO in the workflow for the next stitching attempt I'll have to run the images through DXO before sending to the stitcher, and see how that plays.   Will the stitching app want to apply lens correction on an already corrected image?   Can that be disabled if so (I forget)? Hmmm.

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