Not A Fan of Viewfinders. Am I crazy?

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Re: Not A Fan of Viewfinders. Am I crazy?

BertIverson wrote:

René Schuster wrote:

I wouldn't call you crazy but I'm sure you are lot younger than I am, lol! You are used to do it via the monitor, I am used to viewfinders since back in the 60s there were no cameras with monitors.

Must admit I feel looking totally stupid when holding a camera at arm's length like when using the monitor!


I go back to the 50s but I am very near-sighted. If I slip my glasses up onto my (very large) forehead,

The same here, but usually the end of one arm of my glasses goes between my teeth, lol!

I get to hold my pocket camera about 6" from my face so no arms length is necessary. In fact I can still keep my elbows against my sides for stability. However, I would still prefer an excellent EVF. Never again an OVF since I can not frame in near dark scenes (flash of course) and manual focusing on EVF, with magnification and highlighting, is once again possible with my old eyes.

Again, the same here. My first digital camera had an EVF (Oly C-2100UZ) and I really liked it. But I still remember when I first looked into that year 2000 EVF, coming from a Canon AE-1, my thoughts were something like "OMG, how shall that ever work?" But after a few days I was perfectly used to that EVF, was good enough to frame the picture, check focus/sharpness and -what I liked best- also check exposure; the latter is what I really missed when I bought an Oly DSLR with an OVF five years later.


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