Slightly OT raw converter discussion

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Re: Slightly OT raw converter discussion

audiobomber wrote:

I don't think this is off topic at all. ...

Glad to hear it. I don't post much here but I visit this forum daily and sometimes I see OPs being told "Go and post in the X forum". I don't like to post in forums where I don't know anyone. Having frequented this forum for years I know who is who.

I was disappointed that Silkypix wasnt included in DPR's test; it meets their criteria, and from anything I've seen is the best at translating Pentax IQ. Have you tried Pentax DCU4 conversion on your raw file? I expect that Reversal Film image tone would be a good match for this photo. Landscape would be good too, but more subtle.

It was indeed a shame that Silkypix wasn't included. I was so frustrated with LR and the Pentax software that I actually bought Silkypix 3.0 and I agree that it is best at rendering Pentax colours and IQ. I posted a few threads here on the subject some years ago. I still sometimes use it as an external program with LR (when Irfanview fails, for instance), but it is useless for DAM and various other things.

Strangely, any edits made in Silkypix disappear when the image is returned to LR unless I save the image and then import it into Lightroom as a jpeg. If I just exit Silkypix and return to Lightroom the photo does appear in Lightroom as "edited" but the edits are gone. Haven't been able to figure that out yet. Not that it matters much.

I have not tried to use the Pentax DXU4. I wrote off Pentax conversion software after my experience with the crippled Silkypix that came with my Pentax K-10d. I think that must be the most user-unfriendly software I have ever seen. Is it any better now, I wonder?

When you say "the supplied Silkypix Developer interface is absurd" are you talking about Silkypix in general or just the version that comes with the Pentax cameras? I ask because I found Silkypix 3.0 to be quite intuitive ... just one step to the next step to the next step etc. except that the "japlish" instructions were sometimes hard to understand.

Like you, I have too much invested in Lightroom (time spent learning, money spent on books and plug-ins, time spent on tagging etc.) that I intend to grit my teeth and stick with it.

Hence my interest in finding some way to skip the Irfanview/Picasa step for "quick and dirty" processing so that I can post directly from LR to Flickr, Facebook, here etc. Absurd to have those posting features and not to be able to use them.

I must say that I am not optimistic.

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