Slightly OT raw converter discussion

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Re: Slightly OT raw converter discussion

I can get close but not exact from these tiny versions. Send me the raw file if you can - my ISP has a fairly small gateway so I don't think I can get a full DNG but in ACR I think you can save it at lower resolution so it might get through. Or use DropBox

I use ACR7 so my settings aren't the same as you'd use bu ttwhat I did was boost exposure by 1/2 stop, contrast +40%, +saturation 30%. Then I reduced shadows -40%, which your version can't do; you might reduce brightness by about 40%. Finally, I did a WB on the sky, which altered the foliage colours to nearer the Irfanview version.

You've blown the sky out completely. I'd love to have the RAW file, this type of shot is the hardest to get right and shooting JPG can't do it but RAW can and I get loads of practice at it in the UK:-)

I think the 2 things most obviously needed in the original are highlight control and a boost in sharpening, but not the usual sharpening - a large radius one would help a lot to get the contrast higher in a nice way.

I  can't say I'm over impressed by the Irfanview version with its green sea but I believe I know what the OP is looking for.

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