Lack of built-in flash on OM-D annoying or frustrating?

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Re: My 5D mkll doesn't have a built-in flash either...

Moti wrote:

And I can't remember seeing anyone complaining about it.


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Anyone that carries a 5d won't bother to carry a flash with it. I would bother carrying it with a m4/3 though.

I find funny how the OMd users say the clip on is a flexible system. It's just rubbish. Flexible is having the flash when you need to capture the moment.

Many don't use the camera only to do artistic photography, but to capture the moment, and sometimes the built in flash is a great help and the only way to do this.

Many complain about carrying an external EFV, but you can shoot photos or capture the moment without it. depending on what you are shooting, sometimes the same can't be shot without flash, even a built in.

At least the external EVF can be tilted up, and as far as I know the OMD clip on flash can't be used as a bounce flash. I just don't get it. If a small built in flash can be bounced and has a much smaller footprin than an external one, why the heck can't the clip on have a small hinge?!? It doesn't even bounce!

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