Comparing Nikon 16-85 VR and 18-55 on my D40.

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Re: Thank you!

I really think it is not a sharpness issue, it is an auto focus issue. The 16-85 can produce very sharp images (at least my samples did) when it is focused accurately. The problem is that the AF is not getting it right much of the time. Now the AF feature is implemented partly in the camera, and partly in the lens, so it is difficult to say where the problem lies, but since I tried several different bodies I'm thinking it's the lens not responding to AF commands as it should be.

If you stop down to f/8 the images look sharper, yes, but that can be due to the fact that the smaller aperture is masking the AF issue so you don't notice it as much. I still maintain that the key issue is the lens is not being focused properly.

Too bad, cause I love that lens otherwise.

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