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Ben Herrmann
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Remember, it's all subjective....

The P7700 has turned out to be a really nice camera. And the caveats listed by various folks are the ones that they themselves found unsuitable (but remember, we're all different how we view and use cameras). Every brand makes some wonderful enthusiast models and everyone who has criticized them (for whatever reasons) are just expressing an opinion on what they've found. You have to try (I know it's not always easy due to availability, location, etc) to find a camera store(s) that may have all of 'em (meaning, it's rare to find a store that carries Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Fuji, and Olympus all under the same roof).

But it's important to try them all - meaning, give the camera feel - how does it feel in your hands, are the controls easily accessible where you want them to be, AF capabilities (is it fast for the most part in a wide variety of lighting situations), and of course IQ. Some of these you may not be able to ascertain within the confines of a camera store, but you will at least get an idea of if you are going to like the camera. But again keep in mind, it's all subjective. For example, you may state that a particular model has awesome ergonomics, whereas the next person may take issue and tell you that, "the ergonomics suck." So who's right in this regard? No one - because it's subjective, and don't let anyone sway you away from that reality.

The P7700 has many options (and controls) - in fact, more so than some entry-level DSLR's - thus you'd be able to cover a wide variety of photographic decisions. The IQ is on par with most current enthusiast models.

For me...personally, I just have two "small" issues with the P7700, but they are not enough to get me to not the use the camera. The camera feels wonderful in the hand and wow....the option-set are second to none. As alluded to, my only two niggles with the P7700 are that in some lower lighting situations, the AF hunts (in some cases quite a bit), and in "some" high contrast areas the purple fringing levels can quite high. But since I shoot solely in RAW, making any adjustments in Lightroom is not a problem and some of those issues can be addressed after-the-fact. But again, it's not always present and as I said, I definitely cherish the addition of the P7700 to my collection. I will say (as I've said before), that I personally enjoy the previous model - the P7100 overall a tad more than my P7700, but that's just me.

So try and check out as many of these enthusiast models as you can. It's always interesting to see how the different brands go about marketing and designing their competing models. I will say that whichever one you wind up with, you will be quite content as you continue to learn. For those gents who have purchased a G-15 and are happy with that model, more power to them as that model works for them. Same goes for the P7700, the LX-7, the XZ-2, etc. The nice thing about most of these enthusiast models is that as you grow in your photographic abilities, the camera will also, and the camera will adjust to provide you with the options and capabilities needed to help you as your abilities grow.

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Have a great one....
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