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audiobomber wrote:

tr4driver wrote:

IrfanView is a nifty little program, and I use it as my main "double click" viewer in Windows. However, it is my understanding that when you open a RAW image with IrfanView, all it is really doing is opening the embedded JPG image included in the RAW file, and that IrfanView does not do an actual RAW conversion.

This sounds a lot like how Picasa works, it's not a true raw convertor. The "I'm Feeling Lucky" button in Picasa does exactly what the OP describes; it usually improves an image, but sometimes ruins it. As far as I can tell, I'm Feeling Lucky adjusts WB, contrast, saturation and sharpening, with one touch, but will sometimes blow highlights, cause sharpening artifacts and distorted colours.


I find that Irfanview often does a better job than Picasa, but not always.

I am not entirely sure "I'm feeling lucky" changes WB, but you are right about the other three. Irfanview/Picasa will also lighten very dark images and darken very light ones - which is not always what we want. In addition, both programs seem to have some sort of "recognition" algorithm (I'm out of my depth using words like "algorithm") so that different changes are made to different images (portraits, landscapes, seascapes, lots of sky, lots of ocean etc. etc. - hence the "I'm feeling lucky" name).

find that Irfanview does the job 90% of the time for casual Internet posting (Facebook etc.), even though I would never use it as my primary processing software for what I will pompously call my "keepers" (see my line below).

Back to my question: Is there a way to avoid this Irfanview/Picasa step in order to enable casual posting directly from Lightroom?

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