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Re: Slightly OT raw converter discussion

jonska wrote:

I don't know about you, but I much prefer the Irfanview version, so just for fun, I went back to LR and tried to replicate the Irfanview version there, but with no success. I really would like to be able to upload "quick and dirties" straight from LR.

Insofar as the Irfanview version is punchier it's a bit better, but for me it's too punchy; and it's lost colour from the sky.

If, as tr4driver says, Irfanview just uses the in-camera JPG thumbnail you can skip LR and shoot RAW+ and upload the JPGs.

You can see if this is true - put the camera on a tripod pointing at pretty well anything.  Take a shot in DNG.  Then change JPG settings - anything will do but make it obvious - and shoot again.  If you open in LR both shots should be the same.  If the Irfanview versions are different they must be using JPGs and you haven't saved a JPG so it must be the embedded versios.

So here is my question: Are those of you who use any of these three raw converters discussed in the "showdown" (or any other converter) happy with the default results, or the results using your import defaults, if you use any?

I set my defaults so I can use them as a basis for PP, so it would be surprising if they give perfect results.  However, as long as the scene has no extemes of contrast and I got the exposure right I don't usually take more than a minute or two in post.

My defaults are to use the Embedded (Pentax) colour profile and lens profiles, with WB set to "As Shot" and all other settings at zero except contrast (+10) and clarity (+15).

Is there anyone who could replicate the Irfanview version using LR - I can send the raw if you want to try. Can you put your finger on the principal difference? (contrast appears to be one obvious difference, but bumping contrast in LR does not appear to do the trick. Saturation another? Clarity?).

I can get close but not exact from these tiny versions.  Send me the raw file if you can - my ISP has a fairly small gateway so I don't think I can get a full DNG but in ACR I think you can save it at lower resolution so it might get through.  Or use DropBox

I use ACR7 so my settings aren't the same as you'd use bu ttwhat I did was boost exposure by 1/2 stop, contrast +40%, +saturation 30%.  Then I reduced shadows -40%, which your version can't do; you might reduce brightness by about 40%.  Finally, I did a WB on the sky, which altered the foliage colours to nearer the Irfanview version.

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