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Re: Slightly OT raw converter discussion

tr4driver wrote:

-I really think that when the OP is opening the RAW file with IrfanView, he's just seeing the embedded JPG with his camera settings reflected. Picassa on the other hand does actually open the RAW image. ...

See my response to your earlier post. I don't open the Raw file with Irfanview. I import all shots into Lightroom and make the basic adjustments on import (WB where needed, straightening, minor cropping of intrusive stuff, and applying a simple preset (of my own) to for slight sharpening and contrast so that I can see a "ballpark" version of what the image may look like when I eventually get around to processing. This is also the stage where the "delete" button gets most of its use.

I don't want to make this basic preset I mentioned too complicated because I want it to apply to ALL the shots (or virtually all of them).

Sometimes weeks will then pass before I find the time to do any "real" processing (winter work).

Which brings me to the problem I so clumsily tried to explain in my OP:

Suppose someone now asks me on a thread like this to post one of these shots (that I haven't got round to processing fully) and I don't have the time to spend 15-20 minutes processing a single shot before posting. Then I just export to jpg in full size (with my basic adjustments), open the jpg  in Irfanview, hit "auto adjust colors", resize and post. Takes 2 minutes max (assuming auto adjust does not cock things up royally).

So to my original question then: Have any of you found any way to do this in Lightroom, either by using a universal preset (probably impossible) or some plug-in that I have not found (yet)?

I should mention that I have hundreds of presets posted by professional Lightroom users on, onone software etc. etc. I have not tried ALL of them, but they are mostly intended for specific uses (B&W, etc. etc.)

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