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Re: Slightly OT raw converter discussion

audiobomber wrote:

I don't think this is off topic at all. Software defaults are camera dependent. What works with minimal effort for Pentax is not necessarily what works for Canon or Nikon.

I was disappointed that Silkypix wasnt included in DPR's test; it meets their criteria, and from anything I've seen is the best at translating Pentax IQ. Have you tried Pentax DCU4 conversion on your raw file? I expect that Reversal Film image tone would be a good match for this photo. Landscape would be good too, but more subtle.

I'm quietly furious that Pentax has dropped DCU4 in favour of Silkypix Developer Studio 3.0 for the Q, K-30 and K-01. I expect the next bodies will follow suite. I bought Lightroom 4 shortly after my K-01 arrived, because the supplied Silkypix Developer interface is absurd. I was comfortable with DCU4 because it mimicked the controls on the camera, with which I am very familiar, and it translates Pentax IQ better than Adobe. However, I am not prepared to learn new software with any future cameras. I will make do with Lightroom because the price was right and it's the market leader, with tons of tutorials and support readily available.

Pentax Forums might be interviewing Pentax execs in near future and are taking questions from Pentax shooters to ask the execs. Perhaps a few good questions about DCU4 and Silkypix would be well timed about now?

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