Does anyone use a 50mm as their main lens on a full frame?

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Re: Does anyone use a 50mm as their main lens on a full frame?

I concur with Guidenet above.  My first Nikon, an FM in 1978, came with a 50/1.4.  Of course, I was happy with the 50 at the time, did not have anything else.  That was many lenses ago.

For some reason that I can't put a finger on, I have never been happy with a mid range zoom on a camera.  Have tried most of them, VR, 2.8, and so on.  They are slow, or big and heavy.

Somehow I never had a 28 prime until I wound up with a 28/f2 AI a couple of years ago.  Really enjoy that lens, don't feel limited by it.  This is the lens that lives on the camera, and I don't at all feel the need to take a bag of other lenses unless I have a specific photo task in mind.  If I add an 85, 105, or 135 in a pocket, then I can shoot almost anything.

With the sharp 28 on high res D600 or 800 bodies, I can crop the FOV to achieve similar results to a 35, and almost a 50 if pushed a little.  Distortion with the 28 is considerably less than most 24's, so people's heads don't egg out as much.  I tried the one lens concept with 35 AF & MF lenses, but prefer the 28.

I have enjoyed the 28 so much that I am considering the 1.8 AFS version.  Not so much for the AF, but so that I could use the profile to correct distortion if necessary in a photo.

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