Vixen Polarie and 7D w/ 100-400L?

Started Jan 25, 2013 | Discussions thread
joneil Regular Member • Posts: 173
Re: Vixen Polarie and 7D w/ 100-400L?

I've seen and handled the Polarie in person, and IMO, I think your upper limit on that mount will be around a 135mm prime lens, give or take.

I use a Byers cam-track myself, but like a tank, but again, load capacity is limited.   I have a good, manual focus 1800 F2.8, and i think even that lens would be pushing it.  I have seen several brands and types of small, portable camera trackers, as well as some really well built "bard door trackers", but bottom line, you get around 150mm (give or take) max limit.

Above that, you need to start looking at a good, portable, small EQ mount like the the Vixen GP itself.  The quality, IMO, is there on the Vixen, it's just too small.

good luck


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