New V1 Owner & Impressions

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Re: New V1 Owner & Impressions

I don't think we can entirely blame Nikon. How many reviewers knock a camera down in points for not having a dedicated movie button and not being fast enough.  I could show you some camera reviews where they admitted the image quality, color, or noise was not as good as it could be, BUT it was quick and it had the faster movie capability and it had a dedicated movie button.  To me it is silly to even put movie capability in a serious camera, but really they have no choice.  That's what the average buyer and reviewer expects now.

To be honest, a dial that has to share PASM with a number of other choices, determined by tiny icons, is not handy to me beyond PASM and maybe the instantly recognizable macro.   Other than these, I have to look at the dial and study them for a second.  Thus, I don't use the icon choices much, handy as they are or should be.  I also found out, owning both the G12 and the P7100 enthusiast cameras, that you can really have too many buttons and dials on a small camera that is only pretending to be an enthusiast camera.  They take up space you need for your fingers.  You have to remember which button or dial does what in an instant.

I would take the dedicated movie button, which is right next to the shutter button, and make that a configurable button.  Movies OR whatever.   Not all of us want movies in an instant.  Some of us never use it.

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