Advice appreciated for shooting in extreme cold

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Re: Advice appreciated for shooting in extreme cold

You're probably aware of this, but when you take your gear from a heated area to the cold outside or visa versa you lenses will fog. Once when I was at a place near the equator, I left my gear on the balcony outside (several floors up) so I wouldn't have this problem. If you going from cold to heated, you can use a hair dryer to warm the lenses and get rid of the condensation.

If your tripod is aluminum, you may want to get some foam rubber jackets for the upper legs so it won't feel so cold when you're carrying it.

I don't know how cold it gets down under where you are or how cold it will be there, but I would wear clothing like skiiers use like a hood that covers your head and neck and part of your face except for your eyes, nose and mouth. Wear this under a warm head cover and dress in layers. Your feet and hands will probably get the coldest. You will want to keep yourself warm. If it's windy, it will feel much colder.

Get some of the chemical hand and feet warmers that are like 2" x 3" x 1/4" for your hands, feet, etc. Sorry I don't know the metrics.

If you'll have room, you may want to take a small, foam collapsible cooler to keep you gear in wiht a warmer inside. It wouldn't heat it up so much as to cause condensation. They are light and I take these when I travel to keep things cool, but they will work in the opposite manner.

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