Should i use a 24mm PC-E or correct distortion in PP?

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Re: Should i use a 24mm PC-E or correct distortion in PP?

You got a lot of good advice here, but no one has really weighed in the the results you get with a PCe lens vs Photoshop. I just spent a few min trying to find the artical from Sinar Bron that was a technical report on the resolution differences between using photoshop and an optical solution. the long and the short of it was that when you use photoshop, especially in extreme cases, there is a loss of resolution or sharpness. I guess it depends on you standards of what is sharp enough.

I have both a 14-24 and a 24 PCe, I do a lot of arch interiors and exteriors as part of my commercial practice and my fine art work. Yes, a tripod is very nice for PCe work and its the best solution, but I have also done a lot of work with this lens hand held and you can also get good results with that method. The 24 PCe is a terrific lens IMHO.

Best advice is to do some testing, its also not an easy lens or technique to pick up in a weekend.

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