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audiobomber wrote:

tr4driver wrote:

IrfanView is a nifty little program, and I use it as my main "double click" viewer in Windows. However, it is my understanding that when you open a RAW image with IrfanView, all it is really doing is opening the embedded JPG image included in the RAW file, and that IrfanView does not do an actual RAW conversion.

This sounds a lot like how Picasa works, it's not a true raw convertor. The "I'm Feeling Lucky" button in Picasa does exactly what the OP describes; it usually improves an image, but sometimes ruins it. As far as I can tell, I'm Feeling Lucky adjusts WB, contrast, saturation and sharpening, with one touch, but will sometimes blow highlights, cause sharpening artifacts and distorted colours.

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I really think that when the OP is opening the RAW file with IrfanView, he's just seeing the embedded JPG with his camera settings reflected.  Picassa on the other hand does actually open the RAW image.  Again, this is easy to verify.  I have a Fuji X-Pro1, and there are currently very view RAW converters that can handle the RAW files from this camera.  Picassa is not one of them, and when I attempt to open a RAW image from this camera with Picassa, I get an ugly looking purple mess.  IrfanView seems to open the X-Pro1 RAW files just fine; however, all it's doing is opening the embedded JPG file.

To test this, just set your camera to save RAW and JPG.  Open both files with IrfanView, and I'll bet you they are identical.  Now open both files with Picassa.  They won't look the same because Picassa is opening the RAW file and unable to apply the camera settings.


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