Need a little help with a G6 purchase on Ebay

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Re: Need a little help with a G6 purchase on Ebay

I2K4 wrote:

noonin wrote:

Yeah, I've been real lucky in my purchases on Ebay till now. I thought about checking image number, but couldn't seem to find what part of the menu it's located in. Any ideas?

By image count I only meant the jpeg file numbers as IMG_4567.jpg rather than any in-camera shutter record, which I don't know about. Many users (like me) never reset the jpeg numbering so it's a pretty good count of shutter clicks. Congratulations on your refund, and I guess your lucky streak continues.

I understand...I meant to say shutter count;-) Thought the image count lived on the memory card, rather than the in-camera FW? The "bad" camera came with no card. Either way, thanks for the help;-). I purchased another one on Ebay for around the same price, so I'm only out the shipping (as long as the seller does what she promised and issue the refund when she gets the camera back). The "new" one looked cleaner and the seller says no stickiness to the zoom. Holding my breath a little, hoping for the best.

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