P7700 gives poor dynamic range / brightness results?

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Re: P770 gives poor dynamic range / brightness results?

One suggestion is PP ( I took the liberty, hope you don't mind):

One click adjustment using 2IE plug-in with PhotoPerfect.

Just based on breaks on a coudy day I would guess this represents the scene rather closely,

more than the OOC P7700 or ZF510 Jpegs. Of course you were there so please correct if I am wrong.

With a tripod, multuple takes exposing for the highs a lows, and blending PP of course you have other viable options.

I can imagine the detail of the Raw version of this image. That is why I always shoot Raw.

I guess this shows the limitations of using camera settings to try to get the best output of the sensor inside the camera.

You run up against the Jpeg Engine.

This is a very interesting thread you started.

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