Why are full-frame SLR cameras so big?

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I'm wondering why Canon and Nikon have never really tried to create a small high quality crop DSLR. In the days of film "small" didnt alwats mean "cheap" when it came to SLR's but today the smallest DSLR's are all entry level.

Pentax have gone a bit in that direction with the K7/K5 but I'm thinking there could be a market for a really small DSLR that isnt just a lump of plastic packed with auto modes. Style it well, add in a nicely built 18-55mm/30mm and I think you'd appeal to a market that want small size and quality but also still wants an SLR.

Go to the the Micro Four Thirds Talk forum and count the number of posts by those with D700's and 5D's who picked up an OM-D or similar as a "take-anywhere" only to find the big rig gathering dust afterwards.

The OM-D has clearly hit a sweet spot, winning the DPR as well as the Photography Review polls as camera of the year. Small and light with a magnesium alloy weathersealed body, 5-axis IBIS, high quality large view EVF, tilt/touch OLED, 9 fps shooting and priced at $1000 - it is the argument for smaller can also be very high quality while not breaking the bank.

And it also has an accessory grip/battery holder to transform it into a larger body when desired for larger lenses. So much for the "too small" issue.

The RX-1 has shown the way on just how small a camera packing a FF sensor can be if stripped of features. The OM-D shows the way on how a small high quality body can be produced once the mirror box is jettisoned and replaced by ever improving (and already very good) EVF's, and then maintaining flexibility for large lenses via a "grip".

Only an assuredly brief matter of time before one of the less hide-bound companies (my money is on the new Sony/Olympus partnership) puts it all together using a FF sensor while holding cost to $1200 or less.

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When somebody really takes the post to put interchangeable lenses into an RX1 like package (of course Leica has done so, but let's say 6.000 € not for anybody)...... Well, I strongly beleive new parameters for what is thought as professional will be established.

And micro four thirds will become what SRL became to 6x6 "old" professional film format.

In the film era, the discussion was NEVER Will this mini SRL's replace our Hasselblads.....

Quality sensors are creating a new paradigm.... And of course smaller.

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