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Re: Interoperability of Office etc.

CAcreeks wrote:

Lyle Aldridge wrote:
I have yet to find a program on any platform that actually does that. Libre Office, for example, butchers the documents my assistants at work create in ant version of Word.

What do you mean, "ant" version of Word? Any?

Yes, I meant "any." Another reason for disliking the "new" version of these forums - the loss of that "edit" link. I get documents from others that were created in 2002, 2007 and 2010 versions of Office.

Personally I have no problems opening Word 2003 and 2007 DOC files in OpenOffice, and no problem reading Word 2007 DOC files in LibreOffice (didn't tried 2003, LibreOffice is too new). My wife complains that OpenOffice does not support IPA symbols. That's the int'l phonetic alphabet, not beer! So she bought a copy of Office.

Also I have no problem switching Excel and OpenOffice spreadsheets back and forth, although I can see that Excel has more features, especially for resizing column width.

Sorry I can't answer your question about swapping RT and Intel MS Office objects.

My main problem is with Word's .doc and .docx files. My assistants have no difficulty (at least that they've mentioned) with documents I prepare working at home in Libre Office. But the "hotdoc" documents they produce from mine or on their own contain several features, including line numbering and some logo images that need to be precisely placed in the first-page header and in margins of succeeding pages. I have yet to find another program that can handle those features at all.  Occasionally, I also note that font changes in the documents they prepare show up in strange places when I'm using Libre Office. They prepare a document that has an italicized sentence in Times New Roman, for example, and LO opens it with a monospace font that appears in the middle of the preceding paragraph. What they then get back from me is a mess that takes hours to correct, so I have now learned to use only Word in working on their product.

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