Low Light ISO scores, compensating for sensor resolution

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Beyond theory, Personal experience

Great post.  Interesting references.

Nothing quantitative to add here.  But, having moved from a D300 to a D800e I can say that the impact of image downsizing on percieved noise is too often lost in analytical details.  I bought the D800e for landscape detail, yet it currently serves as my only DSLR.  (Sold the D300, awaiting some sort of replacement by Nikon.)

After a few months of using the D800e in daily low light situations as well as my intended use, I can say that I don't worry nearly as much about noise.  On the D300 I'd start to get concerned breaking ISO 800.  Now, if it's not something I'm intending as fine art I'm not bothered until I break 3200/4000.

The resolution/noise tradeoff doesn't come free though.  There's file size (not an issue for me), saturation loss at the higher end, and an inherent need to use some of the sensitivity gain for shutter higher shutter speeds due to increased resolution if you do want to publish in larger sizes.

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