FZ200 - Pest Control 101: "How to combat Trolls"

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Re: Condescension

RudyPohl wrote:

Agreed Sir L, nicely stated as usual.

To those who are unhappy about my post.....How many times do we have to hear from the same individual in an argumentative and at times rude tone, how noisy and deficient the FZ200 is before we are permitted to be tired of hearing about......... I pressed the ignore button on them after about a dozen and a half times and my quality of life rose immediately.


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Mr Pohl,

How many times?  Only one, should our own experience about the matter indicate that the fellow is not only rude but indisputably incorrect.

As to the "ignore" button - I have several already built in to my bonce.  They cover not just trolls but also sycophants, obscurantists and every kind of advert you ever saw or heard (except for those allowed by my "shiney man-toy" filter, naturally).

But I see you cannot get this particular troll out of your wetware.  I would send you a copy of my wetware cleaner, which comes in the form of a small cake with "eat me" written on it.  (Yes, it is based on the Alice ones but with many extra ingrediants).

The trouble is, one cannot be certain what else will be expunged from one's heed.  You might, for example, forget all about the FZ200 as well as the troll!  Perhaps this forum will also disappear into the mist and you will log on to LumLand instead?

SirLataxe, who believes life is but a joke (well, cyberlife is).

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