Photo Ninja vs Aperture

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Mads Bjerke Regular Member • Posts: 140
Photo Ninja vs Aperture

I have just acquired Photo Ninja and enjoy it a lot. It seems to pull out a lot more detail from RAW files than Aperture.

Currently I use the OMD with the 12-50.

This image was taken in Norway last summer and I did a quick comparison between Aperture and PN. Interestingly, you will see that Aperture crops the image a bit. My guess is that it does some lens correction. Hard to judge from this photo.

Aperture first

Aperture RAW conversion

Photo Ninja RAW conversion

Out of Camera JPG

These are not default conversions. Some highlight recovery and sharpening. Aperture Detail also added.

On a side note; do anybody else have a problem with Aperture and display sharpness? Unless I view at 100% it always looks a bit soft. Photo Ninja always looks much sharper on screen.

Do anybody else have experiences to share with PN?


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