Fujifilm warranty is absolutely horrible!

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Re: Fujifilm UK warranty is absolutely awesome!

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At this point one wonders if anyone at Fuji reads these forums. After all, DPREVIEW.COM is big and has weight, and this complaint is serious & well documented. Seems to me Fuji doesn't care much about customer service ( the UK exempted). Instructive. I'm a Canon guy, but these new cameras by Fuji were luring me as a sidekick for my 5D 3. I'd say they just LOST a potential customer.

Remember, there's two sides to EVERY story !!!

In my country (Chile)  you don' t have those liberal return policies Americans enjoy.  It's a three-months guarantee period after purchase and then bye-bye or litigation. So if you inadvertently bought a product with a missleading name that doesn't perform as you imagned ( like Pro here) or with minor flaws, that's it.

Add to it that cameras and lens cost about a third more here than what you woud pay at BH in America (19% VAT  plus 6% import duties plus costs) and you see there' s almost no room for error. That' why these forums are so vital and informative for people outside the USA-UK loop.

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