Please post 6 favorite Sigma shots you have taken...

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Re: Please post 6 favorite Sigma shots you have taken...

jozhua wrote:

Hope to see your photos! I do not think there are many pinoys with Sigma cameras around. I could be wrong of course. I'm sure there are many with lenses. Sigma dp1s is tricky to use and frustrating at times, but I just love the images it produces. Something far unique unto it. though I think many of my shots have been oversharpened.

Thanks! Like you, this is my first camera as I purchased the DP2 with money from my pocket. I'm convinced how different and a bit better it is in image quality. Right, as we have to import this and throw warranty away. I used to hangout at DPP forums and only saw one pinoy with a DP1 and he lives abroad.  Indeed it is unique.  Until now, I'm still not sure why but it's probably due the combination of small but many factors contributing to that image quality.  One thing I still don't like is the battery life. I have 4 batteries for this thing.

These are not pretty but I chose them which I think uses most of Foveon's attributes primarily the low noise at base ISO and smooth highlights.

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