Lightweight high-res travel lens for d800 any suggestion?

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Re: Lightweight high-res travel lens for d800 any suggestion?

FrankG wrote:

Nigel Ward 2 wrote:

I am after a lightweight(ish) 35mm focal length or under lens for travelling and cycling to go with my D800 - must be sharp at f/4 and above...any suggestions?

I just sent my Sigma 35mm back due to focus problems, so that's a no-no.

I would suggest the 28mm F2.8 AIS (newest version) - very sharp, high res, colour neutral and well corrected. Also it can focus down extremely close for near macro close-ups if that might be of interest (and is extremely sharp at close range). I have one and it is one of my favourite lenses especially with a circ. polariser fitted which I use almost all the time.

Another idea worth checking out, if you get the chance to pick one up 2nd hand, is the old 28mm F3.5 AI. That's possibly an even better landscape lens than the F2.8 and is extremely flare and ghosting resistant. I used to have one (got stolen unfortunately).


My 28mm f1.8G arrived today.

Been on the test rig, and from f/2.8 it's excellent - no focus shift as experienced in early batches.

Very pleased with it.........perfect lightweight travel lens.

Many thanks for your help!

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