Waking the 3880, and resetting the maintenance cartridge...

Started Jan 25, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Waking the 3880, and resetting the maintenance cartridge...

Thanks, guys...

Yet ANOTHER really good thought.  I think I"ll pick up an extra maintenance cartridge just to have it for whenever.  I, too, would hate to get stuck when I need to print several things 'cause my maintenance cartridge got full...  Not worth the hassle for $20.

Nice thing is with the price on the 3880 being so low, it was easy to make the jump when my 2880 failed...  I seriously thought about getting the 3880 when I BOUGHT the 2880, but couldn't justify the large (at that time) extra cost.  Just another example of saving money that didn't...  I sold the 2880 for parts, and SO FAR I'm absolutely delighted to be rid of that clog factory!  I'll get a set of refillable cartridges from Inkjetmall or someplace that has good ones, and I've got a full set of 4oz inks from Cone, so I should be ready to go for quite a while.

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