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Having used the D600 and D700 in parallel for a while now, I tend to agree with those finding more differences in handling than in image quality. Diffraction eats into the D600 advantage in real use. D700 photosites are substantially larger. Judging from 1,000s of shots in the field, many other factors influence the resulting image more than sensor diffs as measured in a lab environment. I might add I'm not an avid pitch-dark shooter.

The D600 is truly lighter, noticeably so. It comes from another product line, the lighter D7000 line. Either you like the D7000-ish layout of controls on the D600 or the more pro-ish of the D700, but whichever you like the differences are more important than IQ diffs.

In actual shooting, I'm surprised there is no talk about important handling diffs. For example, the D700 belongs to the cameras having the un-flawed original Auto-ISO flash firmware. The modified firmware was introduced with the D3s and D300s in mid-2009. It boosts the ISO in an unpredictable way to match ambient light when using flash. This saves the day for rank amateurs but adds unpredictability to the experienced user who easily increases the ISO floor in these situations. It would have been ok on a D3200 but not on high-end bodies. Yes, I know the workaround is to disable Auto-ISO but it is useful at times.

Another field diff is the Auto-ISO in general. The 1/f-stop variable cutoff point of the D600 is a huge improvement in using Auto-ISO, especially with zooms. Enormously unbelievable the feature took 10 yrs to appear in the Nikon firmware.

And of course, the D600 AF hunts a lot more in dim light, but that is very well known by now. The D7000 always did that too.

Differences such as these that you live with on a daily basis are much more important than lab measurements. Thus, borrow, rent, whatever each body you are interested in for a couple of days at least to shoot some 1,000 images each in order to acquire a feeling for their field properties as they appear to YOU, not to some tester.

And yes, after a long trial period, I kept my D700 and returned the D600. You might have done the opposite. Both are as valid conclusions.

rpps wrote:

Just shot a few photos off using my D600 and D700 with the Nikon 50mm f1.8G lens and I can't really tell much difference in image quality. The only trouble I have is when using my Nikon 28-200mm with the D600 it won't lock onto the focus where as I have no problem with the D700.



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