Why cannot LR4's softproofing autocompensate ?

Started Jan 25, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Why cannot LR4's softproofing autocompensate ?

Hello to all,

First than thanks to all of  you for your inputs.

As the point I shall clarify. Well, I was thinking of both : the color gamut as well saturation/vibrance. But more than that. I was thinking of everything for this auto-compensate : contrast, sharpness settings...

I perfectly understand that a printer cannot reproduce the ProPhoto color space. Fool I was not to have thought about it... But, consider I calibrate my printing chain, I mean that I create my own profile from a printed test sample. This WILL include the paper specificities as well. Now, if the image in the softproof virtual copy in LR4 appears less sharp, this could be fully compensated (within the limit of the sharpness sliders' range). Am I right on this ? So since LR has simulated the loss of sharpness, it knows somewhere in its guts that it has applied a negative sharpness value to the original file to create the softproof virtual copy. Cannot it tell us or autocompensate for this ?

Again, for what the final print cannot reproduce, I totally agree with. Thanks again for having brought this to my mind.


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