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Re: Sony needs a 1" Interchangeable lens camera

Daniel Lauring wrote:

A camera body like that, with an adapter to shoot NEX glass, would be a nice addition for someone who already has an investment in Sony glass.

I say this from Nikon experience. I bought a Nikon V1 once they became deeply discounted. It was a HUGE disappointment as a stand alone camera. Too big for the sensor size. Not enough physical controls. Not enough control, period. I boxed it up to put back on Ebay.

Then I bought a Nikon D600 and Nikon glass. A couple months later, when I was out photographing birds, I remembered that V1, still waiting for me to sell it. Bought a FT1 adapter and voila, the 70-200 F2.8 grew to 540mm. The 70-300 worked like a 810mm!!! It really opened up a new world of possibilities.

Or a 72MP FF to do the same trick. With "sRAW" option of say 36MP and 18MP output for more speed and/or smaller files.

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