P7700 gives poor dynamic range / brightness results?

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Re: P770 gives poor dynamic range / brightness results?

Sol Invictus wrote:

Ok, here is the landscape shot taken with my Nikon Coolpix P7700

Nikon CoolPix P7700 lanscape shot

As you can see, although noise and detail are fine, the brightness levels are quite low. This shot was taken in Auto and Program modes and the result was the same. I tried to raise the exposure a bit (+0.30) and the highlights got burned...

Here is the same shot taken with my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ150. For some reason, the Lumix raised the ISO to 250.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ150 - Landscape shot

I Previewed both images and clicked the view 100% symbol.

This brings you to the very distant mountain range just as it touches the sky.

Take note of the snow blankets on both the ZF150 and P7700 images.

You know they are snow blankets due to the resolution of ef P7700, at f2 yet.

In the FZ150, even at f4, they fall apart, and one only looking at the FZ150 image may not know they were snow blankets.

From this position if you scroll down a bit you will see a long white sided house with 5 windows on its side. To the right you will see a blue roofed building with another larger building to its rear.

Compare this view to the FZ150 and you decide which is better detail wise and even brightness/dynamic range wise.

I think the P7700 is a better capture of these elements, at f2 yet.

View the images at full screen and note the vivid colors of the FZ150 on the grass at the left foreground, along with its brightness, both of which I can not see as being accurate due to the position of the sun and the dark clouds overhead.

I think the P7700 performed better than the FZ150 for these reasons.

This is all very subjective and is my opinion, so please don't flame.

What I see captured along the edge of the sky where it mingles with the mountain tops, the P7700 shows a remarkable ability to capture a scene.

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