EOS-M + G1X = a great camera 'combo' on the beach... (PICS)

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Re: EOS-M + G1X = a great camera 'combo' on the beach... (PICS)

peter42y wrote:

Thanks a lot for your beautiful pictures as well as the narrative, so to speak.

Canon should hire you to test their cameras or at least sell to you cameras with 50% discount.

Thanks Peter, That would be great although Canon have never contacted me to ask.  I'd sure enjoy it if they want to sponsor me with products.

Through your posts we have a glimpse of the new cameras that Canon is releasing.

The Rena with friends picture is a very curious one.

The most important individual in the picture is not there and its you.

Rena and friends are all looking at you.

You are the main subject of the picture without actually being there.

Her friends and others on Facebook liked that picture as well.  A few people commented that the sharpness of that image when viewed at 100 percent is curious and they hinted at what you said about the 'look' and expressions on their faces.  I was going to Photoshop Rena's nipples out of the shot lest they be distracting since they're visible through her swimming shirt - but at what point should you edit a picture?  They guy in the shot has his in view of the camera and hers are covered.  In the end I thought I've leave the shot as it was.  I don't like editing pictures unless I'm going to make the subject feel better about the image.  I'll delete pimples and scars or temporary marks etc and sometimes I'll make a blemish less visible if I think it's distracting or unflattering.  But overall, the main reason i take pictures is because i like to record what I see. I don't want to have to edit images unless there's a genuine reason to do so or unless they require serious manipulating to make them more attractive to the eye.

You are there because everyone is looking at you in a different way.

A very curious picture,indeed.

I rarely take pictures of myself these days and I wasn't in this set of pictures but I can show you what I looked like on the day - take a look at the temperature gauge for an idea of why I was so overheated in the image:  This picture was taken within minutes of me leaving the beach...

​That's a mind-blowing 114.26 degrees out there... My eyes are red from the sweat running into them.  I also had 2nd Degree burns from the sun which did not become apparent for another 8 hours.

​4 Days Later...

​The dark areas on my face are dead skin... the light area near my hair-line (on my forehead) and across the bridge of my nose is not peeled skin... those are two giant blisters just below the top layer of skin with a huge fluid buildup deeper underneath.  So one large blister covers my entire nose and one massive one across my forehead.  The yellow around my eyes is where fluid has leaked from under the skin and where bruising is appearing.

If any infection had set in, I was warned that I might require skin grafts if the lower (deep dermis) layers of skin on my forehead had died.  Fortunately, I'm doing fine at the moment although I got a lot of stares yesterday when I went out to buy lunch because the moisturizer and anesthetic spray made the dead skin rise up and turn white.

The EOS-M I was using had the 135mm f/2.0L lens on it and I almost wish I'd used a Circular Polarizer with it because the shots below were a little bright and I think they wouldn't be quite as washed out if I'd fitted a CP filter... it's also worth noting that the average DSLR (1/8000 sec) has a higher shutter speed compared to the EOS-M (1/4000 sec).  In P-Mode, the EOS-M selected more or less ideal shutter speeds and exposures.  In fact it was generally foolproof in the bright sunlight.

Better exposure on this shot here.

For the beach, the EOS-M gave me some great shots on the day.  I look forward to a trip in the Mountains just as soon as my skin heals up again.  I'd like to bring the 100mm Macro lens with me for that trip since the mountains will offer me all manner of critter and plant to photograph.  Of course, I'll need the G1X to get those wide shots as needed.  Last time I took the G1X to the mountains it was overcast and raining.

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