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Re: Thank you Shirly

Hi Miro, I feel I must respond to you even though I decided not to when I first read it. Firstly, let me say as someone who is very much into the 'creation of images' I'm somewhat saddened that you feel that many other types of photography are 'only' snapshots. Please remember there have been some great snapshooters, Henri Cartier-Bresson springs to mind, who would put us all to shame.

How each one of us responds to the challenges is up to us. What the challenges do is to provide a platform where people who love photography can share their visions in an open and free way, in an atmosphere of friendship regardless of nationality, sex, religion etc.

If you do not feel challenged, you must ask yourself why, but the answer lies within yourself. If on the other hand, you wonder why you don't win or you get less votes than you think you should get then you may wish to reflect on what you're looking for. Winning the challenge is something we all enjoy but it's not the most important thing, at least for me. It is the sharing with the community that makes it all worthwhile.

To say people don't vote for something 'creative' is simply not true - you need look no further than this challenge and I'm not only referring to my own entry.

My entry to C200 is not 'better' than yours. What it did do is appeal to more people as a cover than yours. Yours, in my opinion, is a wonderful self portrait that I would been proud had it been mine. However, as a cover for this album, I would not have chosen it.

Finally, I'm sorry you don't want to participate in the challenges, it's our loss.


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