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To get it constant..

...They only need the lens. But I know in some cases they fixed or improved it.
My first thought would have been to adjust per body, but under one condition. Since the impact is always the largest at the focal length, the first rule here is to adjust it using the value at the largest focal length. If this leads to a strong error at the low end with the object you focused at clearly out of the dof range, you take a tick less and test again. If there is no way to keep the object within the calculated and visible dof at both ends, there is no other choise but to send it in. Testing is done at f/2.8, but remember you may never use this aperture at the wide end. This may help you to find a compromise.
I would hesitate to send in the body if a body+lens match leads to hardware adjustments of the body. This may lead to surprizes with your other lenses. Check this nikon support. They suggest to send in all lenses and bodies.

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