P7700 gives poor dynamic range / brightness results?

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Re: P770 gives poor dynamic range / brightness results?

Nikonworks wrote:

Your ....'spreading the tone-distribution over nearly the complete x-axis of the histogram.' does not necessarily bring the image to the brightness levels of the original scene.

I concur your adjustments 'improve' my viewing of the images but the images posted by Oakes are interesting captures due to the moods his pictures convey due to their dynamic range/brightness levels.

His images were captuerd with the hope of conveying the mood of the scene before him and your adjustment alters the mood he wanted to express through his images. Please note that this is my interpretation of his images based on the series of images he posted.

So, I would not call them 'flat' but very 'moody' with the intention of being so.

My I bring to your attention that Sol Invictus was the one who wasn't happy about the looks  of his pictures which obviously ressembled to the ones he referred to. He obviously didn't like what you call "moody" and I  call misexposed. Tastes are different though and I simply showed him what to do to achieve brighter and cisper pictures.

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