What's good and bad about K30

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Re: What's good and bad about K30

Ivar Dahl Larsen wrote:

I would if anyone cares to answer me, like to know; how good is Pentax K30 actually. I have left the FF side, ended up in MFT and quite happy about it, but am missing a DSLR too. And a K30 seems to be a good option, pricewise, lightness and size. So how good is it. My kind of photograpy is mainly people, and street photography.

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Pentax lenses are expensive and local selection tends to be extremely limited. The primes do have the nice DOF scales. If only Pentax could pull their heads from their rears in terms of pricing.

The K-30 itself has the WR (though WR lenses aren't many), IS, and good sensor plus viewfinder.

Drawbacks might include the fixed rear LCD and tiny battery (uses a smaller battery than the K-5).

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