Chances of getting a really NEW camera on the internet.

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Chances of getting a really NEW camera on the internet.

I was just thinking with the demise of UK high street store Jessops where one can play with samples and the increase in internet purchases what are the chances that the camera you receive with the latter is actually “new”. Here in the UK one has seven working days in which to accept or reject (ie return) goods bought on the internet.

When I started in professional photograph in the 70s it was rare to see wedding guests with anything like decent equipment. Most would tote plastic lensed instamatics, I even saw the occasional box brownie for goodness sake. Those who did have some pro or semi pro gear were real enthusiasts often with their own home darkroom who understood the mechanics of cameras and photo technique perhaps even better than I did.

I’m amazed these days that how many are willing to drop thousands of £s on DSLRs and lenses without the faintest idea how to use them. Goodness knows how many fingers have been poked in camera bodies to see what that strange mirror is doing there etc etc.

Many will find that due to poor /non existent technique their images are little better than their compact camera and be disappointed.

Then there’s the imagined  faults” with focussing, exposure, a  bit of dust on the sensor. All fuelled by internet paranoia

Buyer’s remorse soon sets in but no worries, just send it back and demand a refund, no explanations needed no questions asked - that’s the law.

So what do the likes of say, Amazon do with these used and returned cameras?

One can just imagine this scenario in the warehouse:

“Hey Joe here’s another returned D800 just chuck it in the corner with all the others”

One poster on these forums admitted to returning FIVE Nikon D800s to Amazon in the U.S.

I for one would love to know the percentage of returned higher end internet camera purchases. It takes a great faith to believe these returns would never accidentally  get back into the food chain.

Nikon D800
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